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Technology for Learning Spaces
High Performance Collaboration

Technology for High Performance Collaboration

Collaboration means different things to different people, but in a collaborative meeting environment we take it for granted that we should all be able to see and share the information on screen - just like in a presentation.  Unlike a presentation, where one person is presenting to everyone else, collaboration should allow everyone to contribute visually - at the right time with preprepared or spontaneous information that makes a difference. So what determines the technology that turns collaboration into High Performance Collaboration? This is where many organisations make the first and biggest mistake.  The IT and AV people are consulted to decide on integrating wired or wireless technology, how it’s connects to the display devices and, if it’s wireless, who and how you can connect to it the network and the internet.  Once the infrastructure is installed, everyone is constrained by it. So far nobody has stopped think about what outputs the organisation needs from its collaborative meetings; is screen sharing enough, or would you like the information that I display to be editable by everyone?   Now you might think that for this to happen we all need the same software on the same technology platform and to attend a training course. What if this isn’t the case?  What if the information from my Windows PC can be edited, amended, advanced by a colleague with their iPad or Android Tablet?   What positive effect would this level of participation have on everyone’s engagement with the meeting and the actions from it?  Now everyone can leave the meeting with the notes and actions already downloaded onto their devices, maintaining the project’s momentum.  What if all this was straightforward to achieve with just a few minutes of training? Why constrain your people by outdated technology and connectivity when intuitive and inexpensive solutions that offer these and more benefits are now available?   Instead support every device and provide your meetings with the opportunity to experience High Performance Collaboration and reap the rewards from doing so.
Collaboration According to Wikipedia, “Collaboration is a process where two or more people or organizations work together to realise shared goals.”  Other reference books offer similar definitions. Whilst not incorrect, this definition is not sufficiently detailed or precise; teamwork, co- operation, and host of other words could share the same Wikipedia definition.  And whilst teamwork and cooperation can be collaborative, they don’t have to be. High Performance Collaboration “...is  the  process  of  two  or  more  participants  intellectually working on the same project or task, where an objective is known but the precise outcome –  or   the means   to   reach   the   outcome  –  has   yet   to   be   determined. Whether  connecting  participants in multiple  locations  or  working  within  a  single  room, group-enabling   technology   is  crucial  for sharing and capturing visual information which enhances the collaborative experience and drives effective outcomes.”