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Technology for Learning Spaces
High Performance Collaboration


Droitwich.Net - a consultancy devised and run by Duncan Peberdy -

specialises in full-participation environments for business and higher education.

Wherever these environments are located they all have a common requirement if the desired outcomes of Active Learning or High Performance Collaboration are to be achieved; the blending of people, technology and space underpinned with the leadership and culture essential for success. Student Experience Active Learning strategies that better engage students in their learning are no longer restricted to new purpose-built environments; lecture theatres, teaching rooms, and social spaces can all be equipped with furniture and technology to create inspiring learning spaces that also increase space utilisation rates. The more engaged students are with their studies, the higher their level of success.
Business Improvement If collaborative engagements are the means to improving business performance, then turning collaboration into High Performance Collaboration requires more than just a gathering of the people themselves. High Performance Collaboration is achieved by providing the foundations that enable all your knowledge workers to excel in their collaborative meetings. Results stimulated and developed by full participation of the group almost always outperform the results that an individual working in isolation can achieve; collectively, a group can work with a wider range of ideas and inputs, and have an instant sounding-board to sense-test and advance them.